eSIM USA Fixed Plans


• Best coverage everywhere in USA
• 5GB / 10GB / 50GB
• 4G LTE speed data
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Find best plans for you _


For general data users


Validity Period: 15 days


⬩ After 5GB, data off
⬩ Data only plan
⬩ Covers USA

What can I do with 5GB?

Google Logo Find 12,500 routes
Spotify Logo Listen 1,000 songs
Youtube Logo Watch 6hrs videos

For general data users


Validity Period: 30 days


⬩ After 10GB, data off
⬩ Data only plan
⬩ Covers USA

What can I do with 10GB?

Google Logo Find 25,000 routes
Spotify Logo Listen 2,000 songs
Youtube Logo Watch 12hrs videos

For heavy data users

50GB  20% OFF

Validity Period: 30 days


Normally $148.99

⬩ After 50GB, data off
⬩ Data only plan
⬩ Covers USA

What can I do with 50GB?

Google Logo Find 125,000 routes
Spotify Logo Listen 10,000 songs
Youtube Logo Watch 60hrs videos

eSIM USA™ offers
best selected networks
at affordable prices

Buy and use when you want

Purchase online activate instantly. Nothing to lose or carry around!

Contract-free & 100% prepaid!

No hidden fees or extra charges! Only clear-cut prepaid data plans.

24/7 technical support

If you need help, ask around-the-clock Team WHIZ that never sleeps!

Good to know before use _

eSIM USA is compatible with iOS and Android devices AND carrier-unlocked device. Before purchasing, please make sure that you have eSIM compatible device. Check here
You will instantly receive eSIM QR code via email after your payment proceeded successfully. If you have not received the email in time, please check your spam mailbox or contact Team WHIZ via
Your data plan will start at once you scan it. Please activate the QR code when you would like to start using eSIM and make sure that you turned on the [Data Roaming] for the eSIM plan you added to access the internet
Removing eSIM will delete the data plan from your phone. You can’t install eSIM again. Please do not remove your eSIM by tapping [Remove Cellular Plan] button while in use.

Does eSIM work well everywhere in USA?

Planning tours in the Grand Canyon National Park? eSIM USA can help you use data even in the Grand Canyon.
Everywhere and anytime stay connected with the best local network − T-mobile and AT&T. Get a chance to enjoy and share the momoent instantly on social media via eSIM USA data plans.

How it works?
It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions _

Can I use Nationwide eSIM Plans everywhere in USA?

Yes, eSIM USA Plans work everywhere in USA. We select and offer best data plans which provides the best nationwide coverage.

Which devices are compatible with eSIM USA?

iOS and Android devices that are eSIM-compatible AND unlocked can be used with eSIM.
Please make sure that devices which are SIM locked cannot be used.
If you want to know how to unlock your iPhone, visit here

How can I get a support from Team WHIZ?

To get in touch with us, ask Team WHIZ anytime via

Should I order and activate an eSIM before traveling?

At your convenience, you may purchase an eSIM the day prior of your travel date or upon arrival to your destination.

In addition, to install the eSIM, your device must be connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

When does the data plan begin after receive email?

The data plan is ready for use once your purchase transaction payment is successfully processed, and will begin upon the time of installation.

Are voice calls and SMS available with the eSIM plan?

eSIM USA provides data-only plans. Therefore making local or international calls are forbidden.

If needed, you are able to have access to make a call via WhatsApp or Skype through the use of your data plan.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

eSIM USA Fixed Plans

Pablo Brandan
Bad coverage. Slow speed

Bad coverage, slow speed and tricky to install (S23+)

Rachel Beyer
Will not use again

Did not work, went through all the resources and trouble shooting to make it work. Was on a business trip and was very inconvenienced by this.

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your recent business trip, Rachel.
We understand how frustrating it can be when technology doesn't work as expected.
We are sorry to hear that you had trouble getting the eSIM to work, despite going through the available resources and troubleshooting steps.
We want to assure you that we take such issues seriously and we have reached out to you via email to help resolve the matter.
We hope that we can provide a satisfactory solution and regain your trust in our service. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further concerns or questions.

Ali Raza
Completely useless

Terrible experience. It simply doesn’t work. I have written to you as well but nothing from you except for this feedback email. Honestly this is useless for me.

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with our eSIM, Ali.
We understand how frustrating it can be when things don't work as expected.
We have checked our records and noticed that you have contacted us about this issue before, and we have provided assistance via email.
We hope that the issue has been resolved by now. If you still encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us again, and we will do our best to assist you further.
Thank you for choosing eSIM USA, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.


eSIM USA Fixed Plans

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